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Planting temperanillo
Nestled in the Chehalem Mountains

Welcome to Vidon Vineyard

Our goal in the tasting room is to provide a pleasant experience for both wine aficionados and people interested in learning about wine.  We discourage limos and buses that create crowded conditions not conducive to serious tasting and conversation.  Come on by and visit.

Our premium Pinot Noir offering is unique in the industry.  The 3-Clones is our largest production which is a blend of three Single Clones that are also available individually as Brigita Clone 777, Mirabelle Clone 115 and Hans Clone Pommard.  Learn about clones and blending! 

We are a small vertically-integrated vineyard and winery.  We bought and cleared the land, planted the vines, harvest the fruit, make the wine and sell it - all on our premises.  We use no distributors and only a few select local wine shops and restaurants have our wines.

We believe that winemaking begins and ends in the vineyard.  We've planted three popular clones - 777 and 115 and a Pommard - on our 20 acres in the Chehalem Mountains at an elevation of four to five hundred feet, facing south towards the Red Hills of Dundee.  We have also planted Syrah, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Viognier and Tempranillo that will yield fruit starting in 2014 so we'll have a variety of wines available.

We do not submit wines for scores to any wine publication or contest.  We believe numbers, be they in the 80s or 90s, are only the opinion of the taster(s) at that particular time on that particular day.  The guests at our wine bar probably have very different opinions and make their decisions to buy or not buy based on how they feel at the time.  Therefore numbers in the Wine Spectator and other publications are not important. It's our customer's feed-back that matters to us. Read some comments here. 

We're passionate about what we do and so are our customers. Find out why - read about our foundations, visit our tasting room, but most of all, taste our wines.  Enjoy!

VIDON is Certified Sustainable both in the vineyard and the winery under the LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology) program. Our wine labels now bear the "Certified Sustainable" "Salmon Safe" logos. VIDON is one of the Oregon wineries that are part of the Carbon Reduction Challenge. The winery is well-insulated and is cooled and heated by an efficient heat pump system. We have installed solar panels and are working towards becoming as energy independent as possible.

Latest Monthly Article

Early this month the last open block in VIDON Vineyard was planted bringing the total vine acreage up to 12.5. These 2.4 acres of Pinot Noir include an additional acre of Pommard (Hans is a growing boy) along with 0.4 acres of Clone 115 (Mirabelle) and an acre of Clone 667.

See the attached slide show illustrating the transition of the property from soon after we acquired it in 1999 up... more