VIDON VINEYARD   | (vee-dohn) |

Owned & operated by Don & Vicki Hagge for 15 years, a LIVE certified, small and vertically-integrated vineyard and winery.

We are situated in the Chehalem Mountains at an elevation of 400 to 500 feet, facing south towards the Red Hills of Dundee. We purchased the land in 1999, planted the vines, harvest the fruit, make the wine and sell it out of the winery. We believe winemaking begins in the vineyard.

Our Unique Wine Rewards program gives customers complete flexibility to choose the wines they want when they want them while earning Vidollar rewards.

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NOVEMBER 28TH - 30TH • 11 - 4 PM

Now pouring…
2010, 2011 & 2012 3-Clones Pinot Noir,
2011 Brigita C 777 Pinot Noir
2011 Mirabelle C 115 Pinot Noir
& 2010 Barrel Select Pinot Noir

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