A New Vineyard Block is Planted

Early this month the last block in VIDON Vineyard was planted bringing the total vine acreage up to 12.5. This 2.4 acres of Pinot Noir includes another acre of Pommard (Hans is popular), 0.4 acres of Clone 115 (Mirabelle) and an acre of Clone 667.

A slide show gives an overview of the transition from the how the property looked soon after we acquired it in 1999 up to this planting. Later we’ll create a detailed History of Vidon including video and many photos.

The property had been cleared in the early 90s so there were many old stumps and small trees. After the first 7 acres had been cleared and planted in 2001 it took another 13 years to get to where we are now. There was rock picking, burning piles, cultivating, disking, more rock picking, rock pile burying and so on for years. Finally by July 4th the trellis and drip irrigation systems had been installed so planting could begin. The vines were planted on July 5th and 6th.